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Talk Notes & Recordings (Click on the underlined talk title to view or download the file)

2 May 2022:           "The Art of Your Life"

Megan Dunn

Recorded lecture on YouTube:

11 April 2022:       "Reading the Landscape: earthquakes and active faults in South Canterbury"

Dr Tim Stahl

PowerPoint Presentation: Click HERE to view or download
Recorded lecture on YouTube

28 March 2022:     "Seafloor Sediments and Climate Change"

Professor Andrew Gorman 

7 March 2022:        "Journey to Lan Yuan: Chinese Settlement in New Zealand"

Sean Brosnahan
(We're unable to provide the PowerPoint presentation Sean intended to use.)
Recorded lecture available on YouTube:

Link to a page listing the Video Series: "The Journey to Lan Yuan" - Click here

28 February 2022: "Owning Our History: The New Zealand Wars"

Dr Vincent O'Malley

Recorded lecture available on YouTube:

14 February 2022: "Turbulent Times: Ngai Tahu in the 19th Century"

Dr Martin Fisher

Recorded lecture available on YouTube:


18 October 2021: "Why we need to Flip the Fleet - electric vehicles for a net carbon zero future":

                                                                                                                        Henrik Moller PhD

9 August 2021: "Rapid Response to an Emergent Virus": Professor Miguel Quinones

2 August 2021: "The Taxation of Charities and Hospitals": Michael Gousmett PhD

12 July 2021: "Social and Ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence for Jobs and Work";
                          James Maclauren

21 June 2021: "Lost Christchurch: We can’t blame it all on the earthquakes"; Dr John Wilson

17 May 2021: "Covid Vaccine Programme for South Canterbury": Carol Murphy

17 May 2021: "The Future of Work - Trends, Projections and Disruptions":
                                                                                                 Dr Paula O'Kane & Dr Sara Walton 

10 May 2021: "How will AI impact on jobs and work in New Zealand?": Dr Alistair Knott

2 May 2021: "Work and Wellbeing Economics": Dr Paul Dalziel

19 April 2021: "Heart Disease 2021 - an Update": Dr Anna Pilbrow 

                           (Note that the heart function videos in this document are replaced by images.)

12 April 2021: "Health, Environment and Location": Assoc Prof Malcolm Campbell

29 March 2021: "The Maths of the Covid-19 Pandemic" Professor Shaun Hendy

22 February 2021: "Brexit: the Rewriting of History and the Erosion of Democracy in the UK":                                               Professor Robert Patman (Note that this is a link to a recording of the talk on YouTube)

15 March 2021: "How Healthy is Democracy in New Zealadnd?": Dr Chris Rudd


16 November 2020: "Making Food Systems Healthy, Sustainable, Equitable and Prosperous": Professor Boyd Swinburn

9 November 2020: "Oral Health of Older New Zealanders": Professor Murray Thomson

2 November 2020: "Transition or Transformation?": Dr Ganesh Nana

12 October 2020: "My Life With Music": Judy Bellingham

5 October 2020: "The Clash of the Nightingales":  Professor John Drummond 

10 August 2020: "China's Great Leap Outwards": Dr Brian Moloughney

3 August 2020: "Moa Footprints / Adventures in Astronomy": Dr Ian Griffin

13 July 2020: "Science: Good, Bad and Ugly": Dr Doug Campbell
        (Click the links in these notes to go to the websites indicated. The notes contain more material than was presented at the lecture.) 

2 March 2020: "Dendrochronology": Dr Gretel Boswijk


21 October: "Global Security vs America First and Iran": Dr Robert Patman

14 October 2019: "Despot Housewives - First Ladies & Authoritarian Rule in the Middle East and North Africa": Dr Nadine Kreitmeyr

7 October 2019: "China and Vietnam's Perspectives on the South China Sea Disputes": Minh Tran

16 September 2019: "Vibrations: From Music to the Universe": Dr Roger Browne

9 September 2019: "From the Formation of the Sun to a Habitable Planet"; Dr Annika Seppälä

2 September 2019: "Alpine Fault Magnitude 8": Mat Darling

26 August 2019: "And then the Sun went "Bang". An Overview of Space Weather Research"
                               Prof Craig Rodger PhD.

5 August 2019: "Who was the Buddah?": Dr Elizabeth Guthrie-Highbee

29 July 2019: "Secular New Zealand or God's Own Country?": Professor John Stenhouse

17 June 2019: "AssureQuality involvement in Food Safety": Dr David Sterling

10 June 2019: "Ten Things We Can Learn About You from your DNA.": Martin Kennedy

27 May 2019: "Climate Change - Climate Disruption": Professor James Renwick

20 May 2019: "A Perspective on the Practice of Orthopaedic Surgery": John Dunbar

29 April 2019: "The Feminist Judgements Project Aotearoa": Dr Rhonda Powell

8 April 2019: "The Future of Trusts in New Zealand": Nicola Peart

11 March 2019: "The Power of Music for a Healthy Brain": Prof Warren Tait

4 March 2019: "From Wrecked on a Reef" to Jules Verne's "Mysterious Island": Christiane Mortelier


29 October 2018: Touch - the Neglected Sense: Dr Louisa Baillie

8 October 2018: Synaesthesia, a World of Sound and Colour: Patrick Shepherd

1 October 2018: Taste and Smell: Dr Kristin Hillman

10 September 2018: Plant Bio-security: Professor Hulme

3 September 2018: Early Christchurch Archaeology: Hamish Williams

27 August 2018: Brexit: Dr Jim Headley

20 August 2018: 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Dr Geoffrey Rice

30 July 2018: Did Eugenics Rest on an Elementary Mistake? Professor Hamish Spenser PhD

23 July 2018: Gentlemen Art Thieves and their Art: Judge Arthur Tompkins